Hair Removal for Men

Whittier, California

Hair Removal for Men Whittier CA 90602

Mandala Electrolysis™ offers Hair Removal for Men in Whittier, California, a suburban community conveniently located between Los Angeles, CA and Orange County.

Permanent Hair Removal for Men

Yes, men get electrolysis too!

Some guys want to have a nice clear beard-line or mustache without the need to constantly shave or pluck hairs forever.

Some guys want a cleaner look to their chest.

Too much hair on the chest can be off-putting, especially when it grows up onto the shoulders or on the back. We can thin or clear areas as needed.

In-grown Hair Removal

Some men may want to get rid of In-grown Hairs.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PSB or razor bumps) is a condition that plagues many men; it affects 60% of African American men.

Incredibly, most online sites about PSB fail to mention the most effective treatment of all – Electrolysis Hair Removal!

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