Transgender Transition

Whittier, California

Transgender Transitioning Hair Removal Whittier CA 90602

Mandala Electrolysis offers Hair Removal Services in Whittier, California in support of the transitioning process.

Whittier is a suburban community conveniently located between Los Angeles, CA and Orange County.

Mandala is You

Mandala Electrolysis is transgender-owned.

We understand that hair removal is a crucial part of your transition because we’ve lived it.

We’ve “been there, done that” with regards to hair removal and will help you determine the very best plan for ridding yourself of your unwanted hair in the fastest, yet safest, manner possible.

Transgender Hair Removal Whittier CA 90602

Supporting Transgender Transition

Mandala Electrolysis is also a proud partner of the Mandala Center, which is a network of professionals in southeast Los Angeles county dedicated to supporting transgender youth and adults through their transition.

The Mandala Center partners include:

  • A local nonprofit
  • A psychotherapist
  • Two (2) local physicians
  • Mandala Electrolysis
  • and other local professionals and merchants

For more about the Mandala Center, please contact us!

Facial Hair Removal, Genital Electrolysis

Transgender persons are often desperate to rid themselves of unwanted hair.

Unfortunately, this sometimes makes them targets for unscrupulous merchants who view them as an endless source of revenue. (Most professional electrologists are quite ethical and understanding though.)

Here is our commitment to you:

  • We promise to rid you of unwanted hair as quickly, yet safely, as possible.
  • We promise to help you seek insurance reimbursement.
  • We promise to give back – We provide pro-bono work to transgender clients who truly cannot afford treatment. (Contact us for more information.)
  • We promise to truthfully answer your questions about techniques for hair removal, and to help you plan this very important aspect of your transition.